Remote Employee Engagement Technology

Most efficient way to hire, manage and engage employees remotely, 24/7.

Increase your Profit Margins
Improve Employee Engagement
Replace Onsite w/Remote Site Management

Often your best resources to solve employee problems are nowhere near where the employee works.  Our remote technology enables you to hire, manage and engage with your staff from anywhere. Do you want to provide 24/7 support and improve employee engagement with just a fraction of the labor needed? Do you need frictionless onboarding including 100% compliant remote I9 process? Stop walking away from business because you can’t afford it and stop losing employees because you can’t support them.

Remote Technologies for Employee Engagement & Management


Everything you’d expect and more!


Universal Digital Application
I9 Validation
Interview & Assessments
Background screening
ATS Integrated


Shift Change Monitoring
First Day Audit
Employee Assistance
Medical Assessment

Remote Control

PPE Distribution
Drug Testing
Pay Card Issuance
Security & Access Control

Human Resources

  • Connect employees directly to HR specialist for general or sensitive topics
  • Allow specific departments, like payroll, to provide expert help from anywhere
  • Use our Engagement kiosk with HD document scanner to collect information
  • Proctor employee assessments or interviews for promotion opportunities

Recruiting & Onboarding

  • Utilize your best recruiting staff to source candidates from anywhere
  • Application, I9 completion, run assessments, live interview, oral drug testing, an onboard from anywhere
  • Want to deploy directly to the site but they need a security badge and safety vest? No problem!
  • Fully integrated with your ATS/HRIS to protect existing processes and investment

Sales & Fulfillment

  • Staffing RFP’s require onsite & near site support that can be extremely costly.
  • Reduce your operating cost by 55-80% through the use of our technology
  • Service more of the locations you win and increase your top line revenue
  • Fulfillment an issue? Utilize your best recruiters to secure the talent you need.

Onsite Staff Management

  • Manage your staff from a central location 24/7 for shift check-in & review
  • Workers tend to forget things, like their safety vests, but with our remote control cabinets you can dispense any equipment
  • Employees always need help; 1st day orientation, payroll questions or even have a medical emergency.
  • Using the Universal Application ID you can insure process/vendor continuity and forced document compliance
You are in control

All functions in your facilities can be controlled by the recruiter/HR professional, remotely. You can remotely drop into the office, lobby or kiosk at any time.  If someone needs help completing a task you can join the kiosk session to see where they might be stuck. Need to gather documents? No problem with our High Definition Imaging scanners.  In coming requests can be routed based on time of day, type of request, location of employee or even by language.

Command Center

The agile Command Center is the heart of our engagement technology. It allows you to interact with candidates and employees anywhere they are located via our multi-nodal software. Interaction is triggered when 1) someone has requested help via an engagement kiosk, website, or mobile app or 2) they step into a remote unmanned office and trigger a sensor. The sensor alerts you that someone has entered the facility and our software will instantly and automatically connect you to them via video. Once connected you have full control to perform any HR activity needed.

Distribute anything

Need to issue inventory? We can equip your facility with cabinets that are controlled remotely. Want to hire them on the spot…your ATS/HRIS workflows will remain in control. We integrate your core systems so that your investment in on-boarding workflows stay intact.

See the technology in action

Candidates & Employees Prefer It

Our Remote Engagement Technologies provide the next level of functionality while making the hourly worker feel at home.  100% digital experience from application to on-boarding. When on-site they get support from real people when they need it. This makes for happy and productive employees.

Human Design

100% customization & branded to your company. Technology can be fitted into many different configurations.  What is your vision?

Making Complex Simple

Software designed to improve onboarding times, regardless of what ATS is in use. Command Center software provides unparalleled control of remote facilities.

Seamless Integration

Works with applicant tracking & human resource information systems, scheduling systems, background check providers & drug testing. Protects your technology investments.


With small footprint and low cost to build, you can follow the money and move your technology if the demand for talent changes. 

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